Zach Rosenau

Zach Rosenau

World Literature
Honors World Literature

Mr. Rosenau (not Rosen-later, Rosen-now) was born on Flag Day in Libertyville, Illinois and graduated high school outside of Philadelphia. Since then he has lived on three continents, eaten literally tons of food, and earned degrees in Film, Fine Art, and Teaching.

He loves aimless walks, silent-era slapsticks, the sui generis stink of old used books, ecopoetry, near-forgotten colloquialisms, the misunderstanding of supposedly simple things, and evening breezes that are not-quite-but-very-close-to too cold.

This is Mr. Rosenau’s inaugural year at New West Charter High School where, in addition to teaching World Literature and World Literature Honors, he is instructing a new course in Drama/Theatre.


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