Rosario Recor

Rosario Recor


My name is Mrs Recor and I will be teaching French for the third year at New West!

I was born and raised in France where my parents immigrated from Spain.

As soon as I could travel on my own, I decided to travel around South America to use my Spanish and inevitably, I chose to stay longer in Caracas, Venezuela where I taught French to Spanish-speaking students.

A couple years later, I moved to California where I raise my family and pursue my education. After earning a Bachelor degree in child and adolescent development and a Master in education with a special focus on multiculturalism, I volunteered and worked in various elementary schools in the district of Los Angeles with inspiring educators.

When I am not teaching, my favorite pastimes are traveling with my family, speaking different languages, photography, swimming, going to the beach and exploring new hobbies because learning is fascinating!


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