Jocelyne H. Siegel

Jocelyne H. Siegel


Bonjour. Students usually call me Madame Jocelyne, but my full name is Jocelyne Siegel. I am French, married to an American and completely bilingual.

I hold a French Baccalaureat in Philosophy, a BA in French literature and a Certificate In Interpreting and Translating from the United Nations. I have taught both in private and public schools and my approach to teaching is to work in a lively, positive and interactive environment. In my leisure time, I enjoy being outdoors, sports, cooking, jazz, a book club once a month, and a French choir group for amateurs!

I mostly cherish going to France to spend time with my relatives either back home in Paris, or vacationing in Normandy and South of France. I also go back to New York and Connecticut, where I lived before settling here in Los Angeles.


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