Christina Nersesian

Christina Nersesian

8th Grade English

My name is Christina Nersesian and I’m truly excited for the upcoming school year! This will be my 7th year as an English Language Arts teacher and my 2nd year at New West Charter. I’m thrilled to have found a collection of educators, students and families who are wholly welcoming and committed to fostering today’s youth. I love being an English teacher because literature is everywhere and language manipulation is one of the most vital skills to develop as our kids go through school and emerge into the professional world. Finding ways to express themselves appropriately, accurately and adequately through any medium – let that be visual or written – will set them up for success in the future as they navigate their futures careers, professions, and more.

I graduated from the University of California in Irvine in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literary Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media Studies. I wrote for the campus newspaper and maintained a radio show for the campus radio station while tutoring kids in the community on the side. I’d always enjoyed teaching and, with these side jobs, realized it was something around which I wanted to build a career. After graduation, I decided to pursue a career in teaching and attended the University of Southern California, receiving my Master of Arts degree in Teaching and teaching credential for Secondary English Language Arts in 2011.

Teaching is wonderful because you can expose your students to the world they live in from a constructive and analytical lens, preparing them for the equally important wonders and trials life will undoubtedly offer. Building these skills and perspectives in 8th grade are vital. At this age, students stand at a pivotal crossroads where they leave childhood behind to embark on the rest of their lives by freshman year. By being consistently conscious of best practices in the classroom and the individual needs of each learner walking through my door, we will together explore language, its usage, and how to utilize our abilities to find the best modes of expression for every situation and perspective. Just like there is no one similar whole-life experience, there is no one type of learner. I look forward to sharing a space where your kids can build and develop skills that will garner success in middle school and beyond.


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