Get Involved: Parent Volunteers


As clearly defined in our charter and as part of the core development of our school, New West Charter strongly encourages parental involvement. Each family is encouraged to complete a minimum of 16 hours per year of volunteer-ism. We understand that one type of volunteering cannot fit all; therefore we would like to encourage a wide variety of participation. For the 2015-2016 school year, we have re-structured the participation to a group-based approach. It is anticipated that our three main groups will allow everyone to contribute in a meaningful way that directly benefits our entire New West community. In addition, we will send an email whenever there is a need and/or opportunity to volunteer for an activity and/or event. For the 2015-2016 school year, the three main participation groups are listed below:



This is a vital component of our school development. Last year our wonderful fund raisers managed to provide over $220,000 in funds for our small class sizes, elective classes, Physical Education program, music classes, field trips, extensive supplies, and many other student needs. Every student benefits from the funds gathered. We are looking to repeat the success of last year and provide our school with much needed funds to support our extensive program. Please contact Judi Johnson if you would like to volunteer for a fundraising event.

The following volunteers are needed:

  • Auction Events – Chair people and volunteers
  • Phone Tree – Chair people and volunteers
  • Grant Writers


Community Participation

The key aim is to increase our involvement in the local and wider community. To find out more about our projects, please contact Robert Gomez.

The following volunteers are needed:

  • Community Partner Projects – Chair people and volunteers
  • Green School Support – Promotion and participation volunteers
  • Diversity Development – Chair people and support
  • Governance Council – Open seats will be filled via a forthcoming election (details issued soon)


Student Support

The key aim is to allow parents to participate in many of the extensive student activities we have planned througout the year. Please contact Robert Gomez with questions about how you can support student events.

The following volunteers are needed:

  • Carpool Supporters – Daily monitors to help our students be safe at pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Student Events – Dances, field trips, class parties and extra-curricular activities, lunch distribution, prospective parent open house


Lunch Volunteers

You can help New West at lunchtime! You may contact Esther Navarro with any questions about lunchtime shifts.

  • Assist lunch coordinator with distribution of sides and snacks
  • Set up and breakdown of tables
  • Set up and breakdown of sides/snacks
  • Clean tables and pick up visible trash in common areas


Shuttle Bus Volunteers

New West is looking for parent volunteers to oversee our shuttle locations. This is a great opportunity to earn your hours and ensure the safety of our students. If you are able to volunteer at any of the following locations in the AM or PM, please e-mail Kristopher Valentine.

  • North Venice Little League 3321 Grand View Boulevard | High School & Middle School
  • Ladera Park Senior Center 4750 West 62nd Street | High School & Middle School
  • Westwood Recreation Center 1350 South Sepulveda Boulevard | Middle School Only
  • West Los Angeles Civic Center 1645 Corinth Avenue | Middle School Only
  • Westchester Recreation Center 7000 West Manchester Avenue | Middle School Only

Volunteers will need to check-out visibility vests prior to volunteering as well as get instructions on what to do at each site.